Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fighting the Devil

In Fighting the Devil, Jeannie Walker tells the story of the death of her ex-husband (Jerry Sternadel) and the murder investigation. This is a sometimes difficult book to read. Ms. Walker doesn't sugar-coat any of it. From the descriptions of her rather tempestuous marriage to the raw emotions of her children and the very odd actions of Jerry's second wife, this is a roller-coaster of a book.

Jerry Sternadel is a sometimes sweet, other times very hard, man. Jeannie Walker married him, had two children with him, and eventually divorced him. But, she still loved him. That she didn't always like him didn't matter -- and even though she divorced him, she loved him. For all that Jerry was a difficult man to live with, he didn't deserve what he got.

Fighting the Devil is a well-written book. Its also sometimes very difficult to read. The descriptions of what happened to Jerry Sternadel are very vivid, as are the descriptions of what Jeannie Walker's life with him was like. The emotions are strong, raw and honest. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes the books of Ann Rule and Joseph Wambaugh, or to those who read and liked In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. This is a true story. And its a story that needs to be read by everyone.

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