Monday, October 11, 2010

Exercises in Frustration

I love people. If I keep telling myself that, I may end up believing it.

One thing I do love is reading. Its hard to find me without something to read, so any "down time" I have is spent with a book or an e-reader at hand. Like when I'm waiting for a bus.

"Hey, what's that thing?" asked the young lady.

"A Kindle."

"What's it for?"

"Reading books."

"Can you get the internet on it?"

"Yes, but is kind of slow." (Proceed to show her how I can get on the internet and get to Google.)

"Oh. But you can only go to Google, huh."

"No, but its really slow so I don't use the 'net on it a lot."

"So, what's it for?"

"Reading books"

"Is that all?"

"Yes" I lied.

"I thought it could go on the internet?"

"It can, but its very slow, so I use it only for reading."

"Oh. What's it do?"

At this point, I was ready to show her another facet of the Kindle: that of weapon. But, my bus came and she was saved.

After I got done shopping, and was on my way back home (on another bus), I was reading again. Gee, guess what? Another question:

"What's that?"

"A Kindle."

"Oh. Its not an iPad?"

"No, its a Kindle."

"Huh. Looks like it should be an iPad."

"Well, its not. Its a Kindle and I'm trying to read."

"Why don't you use a book?"

This was the point where the bus driver burst out laughing. I put the Kindle away and haven't taken it out in public since. I am terribly afraid to take the Bebook out in public at all.....

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