Monday, October 25, 2010

Enchanted Ivy - by Sarah Beth Durst

I read "Enchanted Ivy" in a little bit more than a day. I was totally enthralled. This is a very original story and I hope this is the start of a series that could be totally wonderful.

Our heroine is Lily. She's a normal, mostly happy high school junior who wants nothing more than to go to Princeton like her father and her grandfather before her. The biggest obtacle for her to overcome is her mother's mental illness, that is sometimes under control and sometimes not. But, she loves her mother dearly and would see nothing harm her.

The story starts with Lily, her mother and grandfather making a trip to Princeton for her grandfather's alumni weekend. Little does Lily know, but she is about to enter the biggest adventure in her life, one that will turn her world upside-down and inside-out. Her grandfather and his best friend have decided that Lily is ready for a test. A test that will determine if she will enter Princeton as a "legacy". If she passes the test, she is in... no questions asked. Her test? All she has to do is find the Ivy Key.

Lily grows and changes before the reader's very eyes. The person we meet at the beginning is but a shadow of the young woman we see at the end. There's a lot to be said for family ties. And a lot to be learned by believing in one's self.

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